Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Pro

3-in-1 video marketing app – lifetime access!

Want to get your videos onto page 1 of Google and YouTube?

This software does EVERYTHING you need:

There’s lots of tools out there that say they’ll help with video marketing.

Some are pretty good, some… not so much.

But they’re all limited. You need one tool to get keyword data, another to scope out the competition, another to build the backlinks…

It’d be a lot easier if someone could just put everything we needed into one bit of software, right? You bet it would.

Seems we’re not the only ones who thought that.

Check out this demo of Tube Sniper Pro v3.0:

Tube Sniper Pro is the most complete video marketing system I’ve ever seen.

It’s a web app so it’ll work for both PC and Mac, and with it you can:

– Do hours of keyword research in seconds
– Get keyword suggestions for any term
– Instantly assess the competition (you can see likes, views, number of backlinks and more)
– Ping your links and videos for fast indexing
– Select your own Google country domain for local results
– Load, save and export all your campaigns and projects
– Build HUNDREDS of high-PR backlinks with the built-in database
– Track the rank of all your videos for specific keywords

No video marketing tool has ever been this complete.

Check it out here:

You can see this is a beast of an app.

Which is one reason it’s going to be launching as a $47/month subscription in a few days.

But right now, you can pick up a charter membership – with LIFETIME access – for a single investment.

If I need to say more, you shouldn’t be here.

Grab your membership here, while they’re still available:



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