How to Rank On YouTube and Google For Free Traffic?

How to Rank On YouTube and Google For Free Traffic?

Here are 3 quick tips

1) Write for the audience in mind before you start. 

Not doing this is like trying to make dinner… big steak and grape juice

Only to find out your guests are vegetarians who don’t drink sugary drinks.

2) Write Epic Content

That being a “RESOURCE”. An example is that recipe you always share with your girlfriends because your broccoli rice casserole is out of this world.

The recipe has:
-printed instructions
-detailed images
-suggestions to make it healthier
-comments from other chefs
-nutritional facts
-ingredients and it’s cost
-how to make it on a budget
-how to make it gluten free
-how to change it up with meat alternatives
-how to store it for future use
-how long it lasts in the fridge
-how to package and ship for pot luck lunch/dinners
-video of how to make it
-printable ingredients list for your grocery run
-how to make it without rice (Keto/low carb diet)
-how to use only the microwave to cook
-how to replace the broccoli with another green
-how to cook it with kids, awesome home project
-how to add spice to it and give it some serious kick

Didn’t realize you could make a blog post or video just on that … did ya?

It’s about delivering something so awesome…. people would rather SHARE your content vs trying to do it on their own.

3) Have a Specific Long Tail Keyword

This is how Google knows what your article is about. It looks at the words you are writing.

If you have a title that says…

How Do You Tie Your ShoeLaces So The Never Come Undone Without Knots

That title says a LOT about what is in the article and Google (who also owns YouTube) can get a good guess to what that article/video is about and serve it’s “searchers” to your content.

The KEYWORD has a lot in common with step #1 and step #2

So if you plan to get free… ever-growing SEO traffic to your blogs and articles you best PLAN ahead.

Grab a keyword (long tail is better… if you don’t know what that is jump into #8FM and we will train you )

Or better yet.. we can just DO the keyword research for you.

Garry Mclachlan is head of our Keyword Research Department.

Yeah.. our team has departments to help you succeed faster.

As a member of our 8 Figure Mastermind you get to submit a keyword request…

But here is the kicker… He has access to some very expensive software that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

1) High traffic keywords
2) Low Competition
3) Buyer Intentions
4) Social Signals From Facebook, Twitter, Google+

He can do it all in under a minute.

If you were to do this

1) buy the expensive software
2) learn how to use it
3) find the keyword
4) determine if it’s worth going after

So for our Customers of 8FM – 8 Figure mastermind we just tell them to not worry about it and just use the keywords we find.

Cause no one wants to spend a couple hours writing a blog post or video and never have it rank because

they picked a POOOOR keyword to try and rank.

Focus some time on #Keywords and#KeywordResearch

To gain access to this exclusive bonus from 8FM

Here are your 2 options

1) Current Member
You are already a member of 8FM. Awesome! The keywords are in the Private 8FM Facebook Group and grows daily. (Make sure to attend our private masterminds every Wed 9pm EST)


2) Want to be a New Member

You are tired of messing around online. You have joined businesses in the past and didn’t learn anything or get motivated.
It’s not all your fault. You need to work in a real mastermind.
Real people having Real results
I would like to welcome you to our team and get you ready for 2016…

Successful businesses start today.. to build for the future.

Don’t sit on the sidelines anymore


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