Master The Basics Of CSS3 Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights!

Brand New Techie Training Videos That Are Brain-Dead Simple To Follow

“Fire Your WebMaster & Learn All The Tricks Of The Trade – It’s Easy Once You Know How!!”

Now You Too Can Become The Expert

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Date: Thursday, July 3.

Save $100’s of dollars!!

Are you struggling to deal with the technical side of your online business?
If you or people you know are having to pay out fees to manage the technical tasks of an online business then what you are about to read on this page will BLOW YOUR MIND!

WRONG NOTION #1 – Running Your Own Online Business Is Too Techie For The Novice or Newbie

Unless you are trying to be the next Mark Zuckerburg or Steve Jobs, running your own online business doesn’t require more than just knowing a little about a few pieces of software.

What – You are not a Programmer!!?? No Big Deal!!

If you know what programs and software to use AND how to use them then you will not need to know or have any programming or coding skills at all.

WRONG NOTION #2 – You Need To Hire A Webmaster To Handle All The Technical Stuff

While hiring someone to do the work for you.., will save you time (If You Can Afford It),
if you do not know how to do the work yourself then..
1. The person you hire can easily be robbing you blind AND not doing what needs to be done.
2. You will forever be enslaved to the people you hire and having to pay whatever they demand otherwise your business will stop when they leave.

So What Is The Answer To Managing All The Technical Stuff For Your Online Business?

WebMaster Videos is your Genie In A Bottle, Your Big Red EASY Button..
WebMaster Videos IS YOUR ANSWER!!

WebMaster Videos Are Your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides That Will Take You From WebMaster Zero To WebMaster HERO!!

These videos provide you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.


Here Is A Sampling Of The Videos



Video 10 introduces you to and shows you how to use, a free tool that insures your CSS code is perfect every time
Discover some of the new features & benefits of CSS3. Video 1 starts you off with all the tasty goodness that is CSS & CSS3
Save time & money by no longer having to blindly rely on someone else to add or fix design elements on your web pages
Do you know what a proper CSS Syntax is? No worries, I detail all in video 2, & it has nothing to do with cigarettes & alcohol.
Add special effects to your text – It is simple once you know how! Video 16 takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step.


My Offer:
High-Quality Videos

You Won’t Hear Any ‘UM-BUTS’ OR ‘BUT-UMS’ In These Videos

These videos are created for the novice / newbie who wants to learn the ropes of an online business. The videos are created so they are independent from each other. This means that they do not refer to the other videos in this series and will compliment any related training content you have.


17 HIGH-QUALITY training videos that walk you through the techie side of managing your own Web Site

1. CSS-Intro
Running Time – 2:41

2. CSS-Syntax
Running Time – 3:56

3. CSS-Inline
Running Time – 4:34

4. CSS-Internal
Running Time – 2:51

5. CSS-External
Running Time – 4:59

6. CSS-Link Styles
Running Time – 5:07

7. CSS Comment Tag
Running Time – 2:26

8. CSS The ID Selector
Running Time – 2:37

9. CSS The Class Selector
Running Time – 4:04

10.CSS Validation
Running Time – 3:49

11.CSS Changing Font Size
Running Time – 4:00

12.CSS Changing Font Color
Running Time – 7:20

13.CSS Changing Text Alignment
Running Time – 3:00

14.CSS Changing Font Family
Running Time – 5:21

15.CSS Changing Font Style
Running Time – 3:34

16.CSS Adding Text Shadow & 3-D Text
Running Time – 4:04

17.CSS Creating A Content Box
Running Time – 3:44

18.CSS Add Rounded Corners To A Content Box
Running Time – 4:04

19.CSS Add Shadows To A Content Box
Running Time – 3:32


An Online Trainer Looking For Professional Content For Your Customers?
Creating A Membership Site That Teaches How To Be An Online Business Owner?
A Product Creator Looking For High Quality Training Videos To Use In Your Next Product?
A Reseller Or An Affiliate Marketer Looking For High Quality Videos You Can Add To Your Offer?
Simply wanting to learn new skills that will save & earn you money?
Looking For High Quality Content For Your Websites


If you answered YES to any of these then you should just hit the Buy Now button and get started – With the money-back guarantee you have zero to loose.



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