Spa Yourself to Sleep

  1.  Chiva-Som (Hua-Hin, Thailand)  The luxury wellness resort offers shiatsu which is said to stimulate healing,reduce stress, and promote healthy sleep.  In fact, people who practiced the method fell asleep quicker and stayed asleep longer in a Journal of Integrative Medicine study

Chiva-Som (Hua-Hin, Thailand).jpg

2.  Cavallo Point (San Francisco) Meet with an herbalist for a personalized prescription of soporific berbs.  You can also get a gardener to help you start your own berb box so you will have a supply of the good for you plants on hand when you get home.

Cavallo Point (San Francisco)

Canyon Ranch (Tucson.Arizona) For the olls-Royce of sleep therapy, tuck in at this property’s sleep lab (it’s cozier than it sounds) and receive doc-approved recommendations based on your sleep evaluation. Consultations with a sleep-specialist are also available.

canyon ranch



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