5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

  1.  The tech experts says pick up the phone. Call your partner the next time you have to ask him something. You are more likely to feel a connection.
  2. The social scientist says keep an eye on his lips. Ask him what is on his mind.
  3. The sex therapist say watch tv closer together. Nonsexual physical intimacy hugging,holding hands,or putting your head on his shoulder is really important for boosting oxytocin, the hormone that builds trust,intimacy and an environment of connectedness.
  4. The parenting expert says skip your kids games. Count up the number of hours a week you spend at your children practices and games or helping them with homework. Now use a little of that time to do something for yourself.
  5. The linguist says know that men are different. Women tend to face one another when they talk. but men usually sit parallel or at an angle and look around. So he is not ignoring you.

What am I doing?


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