Know it All: Grains


Quinoa is technically not a grain;it is a mild herbaceous gluten free plant that cooks quickly and easily adopts other flavors. It comes in white,red and black varieties, ranging from soft to crunchy.


Barley is ideal for soups and stews because it holds its shape and texture in liquids.It is packed with cholesterol lowering fiber.


Bulgur wheat kernels that have been parbroiled, cracked and dried. It cooks quickly. Just add hot water and let it soak for up to 20 minutes.



Farro is a wheat grain.  It has a nutty flavor and high in fiber and protein. It cooks in about 35 minutes but you can microwave it also.


Freekeh is a young, green wheat grain that has more protein than quinoa 12 grams per cup.  It has a smokey taste and chewy texture.  Great substitute for ground meat in tacos or burgers.


Make a better grain bowl

  1. Portion the base-Start with 3/4 cup of cooked grains and 4 ounces of protein.
  2. Add veggies-Mix in fresh greens and or roasted vegetables.
  3. Give it crunch-Mix in a few tablespoons of nuts,seeds,cooked bacon or crushed chips.
  4. Dress it-Toss everything with a little salad dressing,yogurt,guacamole or hummus and add a drizzle of hot sauce.



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