Have a Heart Healthy Day

Rise and Relax-A short morning meditation is good for the soul.  A report from the Journal of Hypertension suggests that transcendental meditation can lower systolic blood pressure by nearly 5 points.  meditation

Go for a Stretch-Research indicates that yoga packs a powerful punch.  Regular yoga practice may lower cholesterol levels by more than 18 points. yoga

C Your Breakfast-People who consume large amounts of fruits and veggies containing vitamin C have a 13% lower risk of developing heart disease. oranges

Reach for Almonds-People who ate almonds as a daily snack lowered their bad cholesterol by 5 points in just 6 weeks. almonds.jpg

Load up on Whole Grains-Whole Grains have the most impact on reducing the risk of heart disease.whole grains

Do the D-Make sure you are taking a supplement. Recommended dosage is 30 nanograms.vitamin d.jpg

Work up a Sweat-Women who engage in strenuous activities two or three times per week were 20% less likely to develop heart disease,stroke or blood clots than those who didnt.


Go Mediterranean-Adults who followed the Mediterranean diet were a whopping 47%  less likely to develop heart disease than those who didnt follow the diet. mediterranean diet

Find your sleep sweet spot-Adults who rested for five or fewer hours a night had 50% more calcium in their coronary arteries than those who clocked seven hours sleep

Work with me here!


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