Free Mart

Owners of Free-Mart

One of the five pillars that a company needs in order to ensure success and longevity is good leadership.

The owners of FREE-MART have a combined experience of 91 years in the industry. Each have been top leaders in the field and both have worked inside the corporate structure.

Neither of the owners started FREE-MART with the intention of getting rich. It was done out of love for the industry and a desire to create a company where everybody could take home a paycheck.

Co-Founder and COO of Free-Mart


David Crookston

David was introduced to network marketing at the age of 17 and referred people to his brother to build his Shaklee business until he turned 18.

David loves the power of duplication, but having earned top positions in different companies, he learned very quickly that not all compensation plans were distributor friendly.

After 40 years of experience and having found a product that the entire world desperately needs he said, “let’s create a company and compensation plan that is worthy of this product.”

Co-Founder and CEO of Free-Mart


John Austin

John started his network marketing career in 1964 at the age of 14.  During his 51 years in the industry he has been Master Distributor of two companies and top money earner and recruiter in others. He was co-owner of a company back in the mid-nineties. He has been a Consultant to the industry for the past 16 years. He is a graduate of accounting school, Nutritional Consultant, Health Researcher and Author.

Sixteen years ago, John entered the field of consulting with the intention of improving things in the network marketing industry that he believed were obviously broken.

Failing to find any company owners that had any interest in fixing the problems and having been hit three times back-to-back by company owners (two of which stopped paying him), John finally said “I’ve had enough. It’s time to start my own company.”

John said:

“I believe that God had purpose for bringing David and I together because nobody has ever created a network marketing opportunity the way God intended it to be done and those who believe that God does not care about how company owners treat their members, they can simply sit in the bleachers and watch as God unfolds something extremely special with the FREE-MART opportunity.”

“It is time that somebody is wise enough and bold enough to bring God into the equation so that he can reveal how to bring honor to business and also bring some earth changing products and technologies to the world at a time when mankind is on the verge of destroying itself.”




Precious Minerals provides key minerals that are essential for replenishing minerals that may be lacking in the earth, plants and animals.



Silver has a long tradition of being Nature’s Antibiotic. Free-Mart Crystalline Silver is unlike any other silver solution.



Gold may help relieve pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, addictions, circulatory problems, and depression.



Magnesium helps form bones, protein and fatty acids. Essential for energy production, insulin secretion and heart function.



Mother nature lends her finest ingredients to promote alertness and energy while helping to calm you, satisfy cravings, feed your brain, helping you to focus, and lift your spirits.



The wild Shiaqga is considered one of the most powerful weapons in fighting against illness and disease.



If you could slip into a perfect balance with peak performance in every aspect of your life? What would that be worth to you?

FAST START CODED BONUS PLAN = Commissions paid on the “first” purchase of any member. This commission is divided into five separate payments of 10% each.

1. 10% Retail Commission – goes to the Member that referred the sale

2. 10% Diamond Bonus – goes to Coded Upline Diamond Member

3. 10% Double Diamond Bonus – goes to Coded Upline Double Diamond Member

4. 10% Triple Diamond Bonus – goes to Coded Upline Triple Diamond Member

5. 10% Ambassador Bonus – goes to Coded Upline Ambassador Member

DIAMOND MEMBERS  that make a sale will earn two bonuses (both the Direct Sale Bonus and the Diamond Coded Bonus for a total of 20%). Diamond members also receive a 10% override on the “first” sale made by members they sponsor “after” achieving Diamond Rank.

DOUBLE DIAMONDS  earn three bonuses (a total of 30% on each new sale). Double Diamond members also receive a 20% override on the “first” sale made by Members – and a 20% override on the “first two sales made by Diamond Members that they sponsor “after” achieving Double Diamond Rank.

TRIPLE DIAMONDS earn four bonuses (a total of 40% on each new sale). Triple Diamond members also receive a 30% override on the “first” sale made by Members – a 20% override on the “first two sales made by Diamond Members – and a 10% override on the “first three” sales made by a  Double Diamond Members that they sponsor “after” achieving Triple Diamond Rank.

AMBASSADORS  earn five bonuses (a total of 50% on each new sale). Ambassadors also receive a 40% override on the “first” sale made by Members – a 30% override on the “first two sales made by Diamond Members – a 20% override on the “first three” sales made by Double Diamond Members and a 10% override on the “first three” sales made by Triple Diamond Members that they sponsor “after” achieving Ambassador Rank.

Note: Total paid out on every FIRST TIME PURCHASE = 50%.

As a new Member make sales and climbs the ranking ladder, his or her coded upline Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond and Ambassodor will receive an override bonus for the difference of the commissions paid to member making the sale. For example, if your sponsor is an Ambassador and you make a sale as a new Member, you will earn 10% and your sponsor who is an Ambassador will receive 40%. If your sponsor is a Triple Diamond, you would earn 10% as a Member, your sponsor would earn 30% and your upline Ambassador would earn 10%, etc.

UNILEVEL PLAN = Commissions paid on “second” purchase and all re-orders.

Two compensation plans that you may want to avoid are the Binary and Matrix. Only 3% of the associates in a typical binary earn money and those who do, receive it from the backs of those who earn little or nothing. When it comes to success and longevity, the matrix compensation plan is even worse than the binary, paying the least amount of all compensation plans, and more than 99% of all companies that have employed a matrix compensation plan have failed in their first five years.

Unilevel has proven itself over time to be the longest-lived, the most fair, the most stable and at the same time it has created more millionaires than all other compensation plans. In a Unilevel Plan, you are not limited to the number of people you can refer or in the amount of income you can receive. This is not the case with the other two popular compensation plans mentioned.

Not only is the unilevel the best pay plan in our opinion, the FREE-MART plan will pay you 4-8 times what any other unilevel companies pay based upon the same number of people purchasing the same amount of product each month. We have run the numbers against several of the top companies that have grown the fastest in the past 4 years and which have also been voted as having the best compensation plans in the industry. Free-Mart beats them all, hands down!

The following income model is simply an example of what is possible if each person only made two (2) referrals and each person made a monthly purchase of $25 BV in products each month.

2 persons x $25 x 1% = $.50
4 persons x $25 x 1% = $1
8 persons x $25 x 2% = $4
16 persons x $25 x 3% = $12
32 persons x $25 x 5% = $40
64 persons x $25 x 8% = $128
128 persons x $25 x 13% = $416
256 persons x $25 x 21% = $1,344
512 persons x $25 x 34% = $4,352
1,022 members = Monthly income of $6,282.50

Note: If each person only purchased an average of $12.50 BV in products, your monthly income would still be over $3,000 per month!

Now, let’s see what it could mean if everybody does just a little bit more work and refers three (3) people that still purchase only $25 BV in products monthly.

3 persons x $25 x 1% = $.75
9 persons x $25 x 1% = $2.25
27 persons x $25 x 2% = $13.50
81 persons x $25 x 3% = $60.75
243 persons x $25 x 5% = $303.75
729 persons x $25 x 8% = $1,458
2,187 persons x $25 x 13% = $7,107.75
6,561 persons x $25 x 21% = $34,445.25
19,683 persons x $25 x 34% = $167,305.50
29,523 members = Monthly income of $210,697.50

Note: If each person only purchased an average of $12.50 BV in products, your monthly income would still be over $105,000 each month!

Do we recommend that you only get two or three and give away sponsorship in order to force success upon others? Absolutely not! First of all, you would miss getting into the bonus pools and this is where the BIGGEST MONEY  will be earned.


Any member that enrolls 27 QMs will be advanced to GLOBAL AMBASSADOR and will share in 1% of the backend Unilevel Commissions of the entire company.

Any member that enrolls 54 QMs will be advanced to CROWN AMBASSADOR and will share in a separate 1% Global Bonus Pool.

If you are inclined to earn a substantial income, go out and enroll 100 personally sponsored people if you can, and then if you want to be charitable, you could potentially have millions of dollars that you can give away to the “deserving” poor, but never enable someone to be lazy (not even children) by giving away members that you personally recruit. This has NEVER worked!

What does every millionaire and billionaire have that you may not have? A vehicle to leverage other people’s time and money sufficiently to achieve the advantages they have achieved.

Now, for the first time in the history of network marketing, FREE-MART is offering that kind of leverage to you. For this reason numbers of people are already responding and are looking to FREE-MART as their vehicle to financial freedom!

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