5 script web and 8 tamplate blog

Customizable Product Headline Goes Here. They Should Be Able To Make This As Long Or As Short As They Like.  The Font Will Be Fixed To What We Set It To And The Color Should Be Red.

A subheadline goes here. This should be limited in space with a fixed font, size and color.

This is the product description spot.  The font and size should be what we set it at.  All product pages should be uniform. We should not allow them to design their own page, so there is no need for a text editor of any kind.

The spot below this description is where the uploaded image will appear. We can limit the width or autosize the width of the image so that it fits nicely within the template.

The background color (outside the white) should be able to be chosen by the vendor.  This should be an easy color picker within a dropdown.

A second subheadline should be here

This is for more description of the product. They can make this as many paragraphs as they want. Below this section is the price and buy button.  They enter the price, pick which buy button they want to use, and the rest is done for them.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus sit amet metus erat, vitae facilisis libero. Aenean eget diam ut massa  iaculis bibendum ut eget lectus. Cras nisi urna, lacinia quis posuere venenatis, ornare vestibulum sem. Integer congue, sapien volutpat dictum placerat, quam arcu porta arcu, at consequat odio augue eget leo.  Pellentesque venenatis aliquam elit, vel egestas est lacinia  sollicitudin. Nunc vel dolor vel elit tempor ullamcorper sit amet non tortor. Quisque non elit leo.

Nunc augue risus, aliquam vel iaculis in, scelerisque id tellus. In  vehicula semper sapien, in consequat sem aliquet at. Fusce sit amet tortor quam, ac cursus quam. In nibh ligula, volutpat at laoreet nec, porta ac ligula. Maecenas posuere rutrum varius.


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